Allo Update Offers Neural Network-Generated Illustrations of Your Beautiful Face

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In the latest update for Allo, Google is introducing personalized sticker packs, much like you’d find from a service called Bitmoji. Unlike that app, where you manually create your own illustrated face, Google’s neural network does all of the work in Allo. 

To get started, once the update is on your phone, simply snap a selfie in Allo, then the neural net gets to work. In just a few moments, you’ll be presented with a personalized sticker pack, inspired from artwork already created. As Google explains, “[Allo] will return an automatically generated illustrated version of you, on the fly, with customization options to help you personalize the stickers even further.”

Sadly, it doesn’t appear these personalized stickers are usable outside of Allo, but maybe that could change in the future. If you’re interested in learning how Google created this, you can read its blog by following the link below. It details staying away from the uncanny valley, the hypothesis that human replicas which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings can feel repulsive. Very interesting stuff.

Want to see this awesomeness in action? Check out the GIF below, then go grab the update.

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