Snapchat Reworks Timer Functions, Adds Magic Eraser Tool

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Before the latest update to Snapchat, whenever you’d send a video or picture, a timer was associated with that media. Moving forward, senders now have the ability to disable the timer, ultimately allowing for a snap to display infinitely on the recipient’s phone. 

While the person receiving the snap likely won’t want to view it forever, this change will allow for users to view a snap as long as they’d like, instead of having to replay it and then losing it before they have a chance to fully enjoy it. This, of course, is entirely managed by the sender who can still opt to have a timer placed on the video if they so choose.

Just like before, once that timer expires and the replay feature has been exhausted, the media is deleted for good.

Snapchat also notes a new Magic Eraser tool, effectively letting users blur an area they don’t want others to see. It’s not really a blur effect, but it does cover up whatever you highlight rather well with portions of the overall photo scattered throughout the highlighted area. This can be found under the Scissors options.

This update is rolling out to all users and can be found on the Android version starting today.

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