Question of the Day: New Verizon Unlimited Users, How’s Everything Been?

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It has been almost three full months since Verizon brought back unlimited data to its airwaves with Verizon Unlimited. That means that a number of you have had plenty of time to decide if the move was/is worth it, whether or not there is good value there, and if it’s something you would suggest other data hogs consider switching to.

I bring this up because a reader pinged us over the weekend looking for feedback as he is someone holding onto a number of old grandfathered unlimited plans. He was wondering our thoughts on making the switch, but also yours. 

As you guys know, I made the move to Verizon Unlimited because it made financial sense, plus it gave me some quality tethering usage too, which my old grandfathered plan didn’t have. I don’t have any regrets about the move, but I’m also not an ultra-heavy data user anymore since I split my time between lines from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

So let’s talk about Verizon Unlimited. With a few months of use, how has your experience been? Are you glad you made the switch? Do the financial benefits outweigh the fact that you could be throttled at 22GB? Do you miss your old grandfathered plan at all?



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