Friday Poll: Headphone Jack on Top, Bottom, or Courage?

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5 years ago on May 2, we asked if headphone jacks belonged on the top or bottom of a device. As you might’ve noticed, things have changed a bit in 5 years, with some companies finding the courage to completely remove the jack, opting for Bluetooth and 3.5mm dongles for jamming out. Regardless of how I feel about it (opinion: courage is stupid!), let’s see how things have changed in your mind.

Back then, the majority of folks said the headphone jack belongs on the top with 52% of the vote. Bottom wasn’t far behind at 48%. It’s entirely possible some people like the removal of the headphone jack, so courage may come in and steal a few votes from both sides this time around.

Note, if you do vote for “courage,” you’re voting for the removal of the headphone jack entirely. This is no joke, people, courage takes guts.

Let’s vote!

Headphone jack on top or bottom?

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