Google Allo Gets Chat Backup/Restore, Incognito Mode for Groups and Link Previews

allo vs hangouts

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An update for Allo is headed out today, bringing incognito mode for groups, link previews, as well as a back/restore function for chats. 

Incognito Mode for groups means no longer will a group’s messages be saved when this feature is enabled. Think of it like Incognito for Chrome, but for a group chat. However, instead of an on/off switch, it appears you can set a timer for when the Incognito will expire. For link previewing, a preview of an embedded link will be provided inside of your chat, so no need to worry about getting Rick Roll’d.

The other feature, a chat backup/restore, will let you restore previous chats or backup current chats. That one is pretty self explanatory.

The update is rolling out now to Google Play.

Also, is anyone using this app?

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