Don’t Get Excited About Your Pre-Order Shipping Early Until It’s on a Truck

galaxy s8 pre-order

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Friendly PSA time!

I’m not trying to play ultimate downer here or crush your day, but rather reminding everyone to not get overly excited about your carrier processing the pre-order for your recent flagship phone purchase. Why is that, you ask? Because this happens a lot! It probably just means they are prepping your phone for shipping and will more than likely deliver it on time instead of early. 

For example, we started seeing T-Mobile charge for Galaxy S8 pre-orders last week and even create shipping labels (it happened for both of our orders). Have any of those shipped yet? No. T-Mobile created labels and is holding those packages until they are allowed to ship, which is around April 19, two days before the phone launches. Verizon started doing the same thing over the weekend!

When should you get excited? When those packages actually get on trucks. In other words, you should get excited when the package has been picked up by UPS or FedEx and starts making its way to your house.



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