Friday Poll: Do You Use a Case on Your Phone?

so many damn cases

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With phones coming out with nothing but glass and super minimal bezels, we won’t blame anyone for wanting to protect their investment from a destructive fall. Cases can be a very good thing, and caseĀ makers are probably loving the idea of smartphones becoming more and more fragile. It’s greatĀ for business.

The question is, do you or will you soon use one? With the Galaxy S8, it almost seems necessary considering how much glass covers that thing. One drop could be all it takes for your pretty, shiny new phone to be completely destroyed. And before you go spouting off about Gorilla Glass 5 or whatever, I can link you to plenty of YouTubers who are posting countless drop test videos, detailing that the Galaxy S8 is indeed quite fragile.

Do I or will I use a case? Oh, God no, that’s gross, but I won’t blame you if you do.

Do you use a case on your phone?

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