Pinterest Utilizing Android Shortcuts for Quicker Entry Into Top Features

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As some of you may or may not know, depending on which phone you’re using, a long press on an app icon can reveal shortcuts into that select application. This is a feature widely used on Pixel devices, but has yet to saturate into the mass market of Android smartphones. Regardless, Pinterest is rolling out this feature to its app, allowing for quick entry into its most used features. 

Once updated and the Pinterest app is placed on your home screen, a long press will reveal several features from within the app: Lens, Explore, Search, and Saved. Once those options are shown, a simple tap will dive you right into that desired feature. Users can also can hold down on one of the options and drag it onto the home screen to be its own standalone shortcut. The above GIF details this perfectly.

Do note, this feature is reserved for users running Android 7.1+, nothing older.

In Pinterest’s blog post, the company also states it is working with Samsung’s Bixby to bring the Lens feature straight to Galaxy S8 owners. As you probably saw, Bixby can take a photo of something, then run that image across a database of products available for sale through select Samsung partners. Pinterest happens to be one of those partners. If you snap a photo of something available on Pinterest, you’ll be led straight to it via the application.

Pretty sweet, right?

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