Nova Launcher Beta Update Introduces Dynamic Badges, an Alternate to Notification Counts

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A new Nova Launcher beta (v5.1) arrived today with new addition worth talking about: Dynamic Badges. What the hell are Dynamic Badges? Glad you asked! They are a potential upgrade over your standard notification count badges that will show you more info outside of just how many unread messages or missed notifications you have. 

In the images included here, you can see what Dynamic Badges look like. They’ll show in the lower-right of each icon and do replace the standard count badges if you want them to, so that you’ll see images instead. Those images represent images from notifications to hopefully show you exactly what’s in-store for that missed email or message. If you have apps in a folder that all have unread notifications, you’ll see which apps have notifications on the outside of that folder, instead of a big number that means almost nothing. Again, the thought here is that numbers often don’t mean much, but an image representing the info could help you manage your phone better.

If this sounds like a terrible idea to you and you love numbers, don’t worry, because you can switch between the different badge types.

Grab the new beta below!

Links: Play Link | APK File (v5.1)

nova launcher badges

Via: +Kevin Barry



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