Talon for Twitter Receives Major V6.0 Update, UI Completely Overhauled

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A massive update is headed out to users of Talon, at least, for users not already signed up for the beta. Version 6.0 is the label, bringing an overhaul for the entire UI, including the tweet viewer and profile viewer. 

As detailed in the changelog, new features include advanced filtering options, ability to view conversations on a tweet, viewing user lists (as long as they’re public), and more.

The update also brings a healthy portion of bug fixes and improvements, according to the developer. Listed on Google Play, the article viewer has been enhanced, fixes for the YouTube and Twitter video player are included, plus tablet users will see better support and layouts.

If you would like to see these updates ahead of everyone else, and provide feedback to the developer, feel free to join the beta by adding yourself to this group on Google+.

Below is the entire changelo(n)g. It’s quite extensive.

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What’s New

  • Huge overhaul of the UI for the tweet viewer and profile viewer
  • Advanced filtering options for a user’s profile. See all their tweets and interactions in one place and choose which types of tweets you want to see
  • View conversations on a tweet, instead of just the direct replies to the tweet
  • View a user’s lists on their profile (if they are public)
  • Option to only show people you are following, when auto-completing a mention


  • Improved drag-to-dismiss on the tweet viewer, profile viewer, image viewer, and article viewer
  • Article viewer: better quotes, faster image loading, and a black theme
  • Image loading: improved speed, consistency, and data usage
  • Fixes for the video and YouTube players
  • Simplified the in-line tweet expansion
  • Improved UI for replying to, and quoting, tweets
  • Better tablet support and layouts
  • Long clicking a chip on a user profile will de-select all the other filters
  • Twitter Moments links will always open to the Twitter webpage, since they don’t make these available to third party apps.
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