Report: Google Cooking Up Smart Features for Android O to Show Off at Google I/O

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This year’s Google I/O is set to take place in May, but rumors are already hitting the web, detailing what we might see at the annual Google-tastic developer conference. 

According to a recent report from VentureBeat, attendees and online viewers can expect to see Android O announced, followed by Developer Previews and a Fall launch. While none of that really surprises us, specific details about what Android O brings to the table do, with Google reportedly focusing on heavily “smart features.”

What does that mean, though? Isn’t Android already pretty smart, especially with Google Assistant rolling out to all Android M and Android N devices? Well, yes, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. As detailed by VentureBeat, one possible feature is Copy Less. For instance, you’re having a chat with a friend about where to grab lunch. You open up the Yelp app, find a cool place, then want to share the address by copy and pasting. With Copy Less, you would simple locate the address, head back into your messaging app, then a suggestion from inside your keyboard with the address would be ready for you to import.

Another possible feature detailed is the implementation of finger gestures, similar to what Huawei has implemented on past devices. For example, if you are on your home screen and want to open the camera, simply draw a “C” on the screen and the camera will open. The same can be done for any other app, so long as a gesture is associated with it.

As I said, I/O happens in May, so we got a bit before Google drops Android O on us. There’s still plenty of people out there not even on Nougat, so Android O teases are probably the last thing on their mind.

What are your hopes for Android O?

Via: VentureBeat



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