T-Mobile Thanking Customers With 2 Lines With Free 3rd Line

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T-Mobile announced its latest thanking for customers this morning, being a free line of service for anyone already using at least two lines on a Simple Choice or T-Mobile ONE plan. 

The way it works is pretty straightforward. Should you already be paying for at least two lines through T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice, you can get a 3rd line with the same data plan for free after bill credits. As detailed on T-Mobile’s website, “The free line will match your current paid voice line data, i.e. T-Mobile ONE customers will receive a FREE T-Mobile ONE line and similarly, Simple Choice customers will receive a FREE Simple Choice line. If your lines have varying amounts of data, the free line will match the line with the least amount of data.”

Additionally, the line can be used however you see fit. If you’d like a new phone line, that’s doable, but you can also use the 3rd line for your smartwatch, tablet, or even use it for your vehicle with T-Mobile’s SyncUp Drive (WiFi hotspot in your car).

This promotion kicks off March 1 and will only last for limited time, but the amount of time you keep this free line has no end, so long as your account stays in good standing and you maintain the qualifying service with line count.

All the fine print and details can be found on T-Mobile’s website.

Via: T-Mobile [2]



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