Deal: Good Time to Buy a MicroSD Card, SanDisk 64GB for $16 and Samsung 128GB for $48

With what seems like more devices than ever supporting expandable storage, we are always on the lookout for deals on microSD cards. The latest we’ve spotted is on Amazon — $16 for a 64GB card from SanDisk or $48 for a Samsung 128GB . 

The SanDisk card is usually priced at $40, so you are saving yourself quite a bit on this purchase. Should you need any additional storage (no judgement), you can get a 256GB card from SanDisk for $135. Those usually run $199, so as I stated in the headline, now’s a good time to buy.

For the Samsung 128GB microSD card, the standard price is $103. Now at $48, you are saving yourself over 50%, and for that much storage, you’ll thank yourself later. Samsung also has a range of different sizes available.

Amazon Links: SanDisk 64GB | Samsung 128GB



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