Verizon Adds 2GB-$40 Plan to Prepaid Lineup

verizon prepaid family

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Verizon isn’t done tweaking its plan offerings, even after the introduction of Verizon Unlimited. Today, the company announced a new addition to its prepaid line-up, a 2GB plan for $40 per month. 

The plan joins their 5GB for $50 and 10GB for $70 plans, which Verizon says is simplifying their offerings. I don’t know how adding a third option is simpler than just two, but it’s not about to be something to stress over. If anything, people have more choices now and that’s a good thing.

The new plan includes Always-On Data, unlimited international texting, and carry over data that you don’t use, just like the other prepaid plans.

The new 2GB prepaid plan will be available starting tomorrow.

Via:  Verizon



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