Gear Fit 2 Update Offers Exercise Auto Pause, More Automated Tracking

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An update is shipping out to owners of the Gear Fit 2, bringing three major changes, according to Samsung’s announcement. Inside, users will be treated to a new “Auto Pause” feature, auto dynamic training, and “streamlined sets” for indoor activities.

For Auto Pause, the feature lets the device auto recognize when a user engages in cardiovascular activity. These activities include things like running and cycling. For example, if you are biking downtown as a workout, but are constantly stopping for red lights or stop signs, the Gear Fit 2 will account for this stoppage automatically, pausing any recording of changes there may be in heartbeat and calorie burn.

Additionally, the Fit 2 will automatically begin with activities like basketball, tennis, badminton, dancing, and soccer. Instead of tapping on your smartband to begin tracking, the Gear Fit 2 will simply begin automatically as soon as you start the activity.

Rounding out the update, Samsung details a change for the Fit 2’s management of repetition-based exercises such as crunches, lunges, and squats. These activities are said to be supported with this update, bringing a rounder tracking experience for training. “Users can input their desired number of repetitions and sets per exercise and the Gear Fit 2 will start tallying their progress as soon as they begin,” according to Samsung.

This is perfect timing, considering we may have a few new owners of the Gear Fit 2, thanks to Samsung’s handout of free units to buyers of the Galaxy Note 7.

Be on the lookout for the update.

Via: Samsung



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