Facebook at Work is Now Workplace, a Social Network for the Office

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In an attempt to bring coworkers closer together, and maybe spawn a few more collaborative efforts, Facebook is making Workplace (formerly Facebook at Work), available to all. Essentially, Workplace will be a social network for the office, one which won’t be congested with political gibberish or cat videos posted by your whacky aunt. In fact, Workplace will have a separate login from your personal FB account, building an even larger space between the two accounts. 

According to Facebook, the idea of Workplace is to bring companies and their employees closer together. For example, users can create personalized chat groups for collaborating on specific tasks, or even use Facebook Live to watch their CEO give a presentation. Stated by FB, the service already has more than 1,000 organizations around the world utilizing it and hopes to bring on many more by opening it.

It should be noted that the service is not free by any means, but you do get quite a bit for the fee. Priced anywhere from $1 to $3 per user, depending on how many active users there are, Facebook is providing live video streaming, team and project groups, unlimited storage for files/photos/videos, monitoring tools for IT teams, and single-sign on (SSO) support. To compare, Slack, which is similar, is priced at about $7/month per user.

If you feel like showing this news to your boss, the sign-up for Workplace is now available, which comes with a 3-month trial.

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