HTC Designer Posts ‘Ocean’ Hardware and Software Concepts by Accident

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On a personal website earlier today, a designer at HTC published what appear to be conceptual video clips of what may or may not be an unannounced HTC smartphone. Apparently codenamed Ocean, as titled in the video, the smartphone features no physical buttons, with specific commands being controlled by various taps and slides on the phone’s edges.

After the page was live and circulating around the web for a bit, the owner placed a passcode on the website, not allowing anyone else to view it. Furthermore, the creator, issued a brief statement following the publishing claiming, “this is just a conceptual piece and does not represent any real product from HTC.” Well, we’ll just see about that. 

At the beginning of the clip, which was stripped and posted to the web by @evleaks, it states, “Introducing Ocean with Sense Touch.” Our assumption is that Sense Touch is the technology for having taps and swipes replace physical buttons. According to the video, Sense Touch allows for intuitive control, quick access to anything on the device, as well as having a contextual UI.

It’s entirely possible that this video is only a pet project for the designer, maybe made to inspire the hardware maker for future devices, but it’s still rather odd that if it is purely a concept, with no connection to an existing project at HTC, why suddenly remove it and block access to your website?

Regardless of whether it’s real or fake, check out the clip that was posted to Twitter, then share your thoughts below. After all, we’re phone nerds and we love this sort of stuff. Personally, Sense Touch would have me believing in HTC real quick.

Via: Danelle Vermeulen [Password Protected] | 9 to 5 Google



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