Motorola Tricks iPhone Loyalists Into Thinking Apple Still Innovates

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Motorola has launched a new campaign, asking consumers to “Skip the Sevens.” Basically, Motorola has taken a page out of Jimmy Kimmel’s playbook, luring what appear to be clueless Apple loyalists into a room, asking them what they think of the newly-announced iPhone 7 devices. Once they explain that they are not all that impressed by what Apple has announced, Moto shows off what upcoming prototype iPhone devices are capable of.

The thing is, these prototype iPhones are not iPhones at all, and instead, is the Moto Z smartphone. Do you see where this is going? Now, with these poor souls thinking they are looking at prototype iPhones, Motorola demoes the magic of Moto Mods. They show off the projector, SoundBoost speaker, as well as the battery pack. Naturally, these folks think Apple is soon to bring big time innovation to the market, genuinely looking impressed with what they have been shown.

This is when the sad part kicks in. 

At last, Motorola explains that they have been duped, and these aren’t iPhones – they’re the Moto Z. I won’t say the people come away mad, because they even say they may end up buying a Moto Z, but do we really think that’s possible? These folks have apparently gone a few months not knowing what a Moto Z is, and are we to believe that seeing Moto Mods in action is enough to make them switch from iOS? It’s possible, I suppose.

Regardless of what happens, the campaign is pretty funny. Watch the video above, then share your take below.

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