Android Mini Series 6 Now Available on Dead Zebra

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For fans of Android collectibles, such as the Android Mini series of little Bugdroids, Dead Zebra now has Series 6 available for purchase. A few of the characters look absolutely adorable, such as the little hot dog and Benjamin Franklin, as well as the Greaser. 

For those interested in boosting the amount of Android Minis they own, a random individual piece is priced at about $10, with a whole 16-piece case priced at $144. A case comes with 14 different designs, plus one of three rare designs, according to Dead Zebra. If you purchase individually, there is no guarantee of which character you get, but that can add to the fun.

It’s been a while¬†since I purchased an Android Mini, as I hate the idea of not knowing which mini I will get, but going for that hot dog character might be worth it. Fingers crossed.

Follow the link below to check them out.

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