US Cellular Revises Shared Connect Plans, Includes More Data

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Beginning today, US Cellular has revised its Shared Connect plans, offering a more “streamlined” experience for customers. According to US Cellular, the plans bring more data and bonus value, which you probably won’t hear anyone complaining about.

To lay it out, it appears that each tier of the Shared Connect plans have gotten a bump in data. That goes for the 2GB plan, all the way to the 24GB plan. With the revisions, the 2GB plan starts at $30/month, while the most expensive, the 24GB plan, costs $100/month. There are three plans that plop in the middle of those two plans. More pricing information can be viewed below. 

Plans Overview

  • 2GB for $30 per month (was 1GB for $25)
  • 4GB for $45 per month (was 3GB for $40)
  • 8GB for $60 per month (was 6GB for $55)
  • 16GB for $80 per month (was 12GB for $80)
  • 24GB for $100 per month (was 15GB for $90)

Each Shared Connect plan comes with unlimited talk and text, with customers allowed to change their plan at any time. Additionally, those with the 16GB plan or higher can now take advantage of calling and texting to Canada and Mexico, plus data usage controls.

For additional details, be sure to check US Cellular’s website.

Update: We received a note from US Cellular, clarifying the pricing of data usage controls and unlimited offerings.

Please note customers who choose 16GB plans or higher receive unlimited calling and texting to in Canada and Mexico, and data usage controls which allow customers to limit the amount of data each line on an account can use. However this unlimited offering is not available for $10 per month offering on plans 8GB and under. For the data usage option, please note this option is not available for $4.99 on plans 8GB and under.

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