YOLO: Dashlane and Google Create API to Help You Easily Login to Your Android Apps

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Dashlane, one of the most popular password managers, and Google, announced today that they have created an open API for app developers called Open YOLO (you only login once) that could make logging into apps incredibly easy with the help of a password manager. And we aren’t talking about the current process from password managers; this seems like a new, almost instant, system-built type of option.¬†

Neither company is providing all that many details at this¬†time, but the basic idea is that this API gives apps the “ability to access passwords stored in your favorite password manager, and effortlessly and securely log you into those applications.” So instead of tapping in a login box, waiting for your password manager to open, hoping it finds the right password choices, and then selecting one, this could all happen behind the scenes almost automatically as you go to login to an app.

Google, according to Dashlane’s announcement, has noticed that many of us use password lockers to keep everything stored securely with secure passwords these days and so this open API could allow them to tap into those lockers to improve the overall user experience. Improvements, both parties feel, could come through this “universally-acceptable Android app authentication solution.”

And that’s pretty much it for now. Everything Dashlane has shared today makes it sound like this is an early-stage development, so all we can say is, “stay tuned.”

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