Google Wants You and Your Kids to Explore the Himalayas With Verne, a 500ft Yeti

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Google’s newest app on Android is a kids game that uses the power of Google Maps’ 3D imagery to let you explore the¬†Himalayas. It’s called Verne: The Himalayas, and it lets you play as a 500 foot tall yeti named Verne whose playground is the Himalayas. Get it?¬†

As Verne, you have simple controls that let you run up and down mountains, ice skate on frozen bodies of water, sled down hillsides, jetpack through the skies, chase yaks, float with umbrellas, and of course, gather bits of information about the area. The imagery is all of the Himalayas, so even if you aren’t a kid, you might have fun exploring the terrain.

To play, you use a directional pad and a jump/action button, so almost anyone should be able to pick it up within a couple of minutes. There aren’t bad guys or anything to worry you, from what we can tell. The point is exploration.

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