Beyondium is Mediocre’s Latest Game, Priced at $1.99

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Mediocre, publisher behind Granny Smith, Smash Hit and Does Not Commute, launched a new game to Google Play recently, titled Beyondium. Beyondium, to put it ever so simply, is a game centered around computerized quantum disentanglement technology. In other words, you draw lines to and from floating dots, gaining more points with the more dots you connect. 

The gameplay goes like this. In the center is your molecule. As it spits out dots, sometimes differently colored to make the game harder, you the player must draw lines to the same-colored dots. To score more, and when possible, connecting the dots in a complete shape will award you more points. Additional power-ups, such as point multipliers, also find themselves floating about your levels, and to utilize them, you must complete a shape of dots surrounding them.

I will say, the game is not easy, and due to this fact, I highly recommend the tutorial. The tutorial should allow you to grasp how to properly play, as well as make you familiar with the other power-ups that are sometimes seen floating around. Just remember, do not cross the colored lines with dots of another color or you lose those potential points.

Priced at $1.99, this is a great time killer.

In related news, we’re still awaiting a Granny Smith sequel.

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