Twitter Introduces #Stickers for Your Photos

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Over the coming weeks, Twitter will rollout an update to its Android and iOS apps that introduces #Stickers, which as the name for them suggests, are fun little stickers that can be placed on the photos you share through Twitter.

With #Stickers, you get a “new way to add creativity to your photos and connect them to the world.” Twitter says you can choose from rotating sets that include “hundreds of accessories, emoji, and props” that will be both generic and potentially timely. You could see options that help you show support for a cause, but let’s be honest here, aren’t we all seeing this as a way for Twitter to partner with brands? Yes, we are. 

Stickers can be resized and rotated on photos to give you a custom experience for each that you share. But also, a photo with stickers is searchable in new ways. A tap on a sticker will apparently take you into a new timeline with other photos that have been shared with those same stickers. How neat.

Again, the updates to enable #Stickers will arrive “over the next few weeks.”

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