Never Alone for Android TV on Sale for $5, Down From $15

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One of my all-time favorite games for the NVIDIA SHIELD, called Never Alone, is currently on sale through Google Play for only $5. Regularly priced at $14.99, Never Alone is the story of a young Iñupiaq (Alaskan natives) girl and her Arctic fox friend attempting to stop a blizzard from destroying their village.

The game itself is a puzzle platformer, forcing you to complete mildly difficult puzzles to advances chapters in the story. Throughout the game, as you complete tasks, you unlock additional stories based on Alaskan indigenous folklore. It adds a very authentic and visually appealing aspect to the gameplay. 

During your adventure to find a source of the massive blizzard, you are your fox will come across locals, vicious polar bear predators, as well as spirits that will help guide you on the journey. There are a few sad parts to the story, but slight spoiler alert, there is a happy ending.

If you have the required hardware (NVIDIA SHIELD, SHIELD Tablet), the game is definitely worth the $5. Do make sure you have a gaming controller, too. It is also being reported that a touchscreen version of Never Alone is set to come to Android soon.

Play Link ($4.99)




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