Verizon Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Get Updates That Fix Google Play Issues, Kill Bloatware

galaxy s6

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Verizon will begin pushing an update to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge this morning that should fix a couple of nagging bugs, while tweaking some behaviors on the side.

The updates are rolling out as version VRU4CPD2 for each and can be pulled for installation by heading into Home>Applications>Settings>About Device>Software updates. These aren’t massive updates, but you will want to grab them sooner than later.

As for what’s changing, Verizon says that the update fixes the following:

  • Fixes Google Play Store app update and download errors
  • Resolves Visual Voice Mail access issues
  • Google “Search” is now available in Settings menu
  • You can now answer video calls as just a voice call, and when you do, the call audio is routed to the earpiece by default. Video call audio will come from the speaker by default
  • Removed Amazon Music app
  • When a USB cable is plugged into the phone, the default mode automatically shows other USB options (like File Transfer)
  • Added “Send Premium SMS” in the Application manager settings

Need more? The update also introduces a setting that shows how much RAM is being used by apps and how much is free. To check this going forward, head into Settings>Applications>Application manager>More.

Let us know if that update is live yet!

Via:  Verizon [2]



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