AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Plans are Getting Another Data Increase Without a Price Hike (Updated)

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AT&T is about to increase the data buckets on its GoPhone plans later this week, according to sources of ours. This move comes on the heels of a data increase back in January, but also helps bring the plans in line with Verizon, who seems to be taking prepaid quite seriously these days. 

Starting May 25, the $45 plan will jump from 2GB of data per month to 3GB per month, and the $60 plan will rise from 5GB per month to 6GB per month. No price increase will accompany these changes, plus the $5 autopay or “auto refill” credit will still be available on the $60 plan both plans.

Talk about a solid value here from AT&T. Think about the fact that we first started talking about GoPhone back in 2013, just as it was getting access to LTE with only 1GB of high-speed data. Since that time, AT&T has lowered the price to $60, tossed in a $5 credit for autopay, and managed to raise the data limit all the way up to 6GB of high-speed data per month. Oh, and if you don’t use that 6GB, AT&T will roll that data over to the next month for use within the next billing cycle.

We’ve reached out to AT&T for confirmation and will update this post.

UPDATE:  AT&T confirms the changes to the plans and says they launch Friday, May 27, instead of on May 25, like we had reported.



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