Google Introducing 6-Second “Bumper” Ads to YouTube, Like Cute Little Haikus of Video Ads

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Because you watch a ton of “snackable” video on your smartphones, Google is introducing a new ad format for advertisers to use on YouTube that only lasts 6 seconds. These new ad styles are called “Bumper” ads and Google is hoping that advertisers will use them to get creative in showing you commercials in between video binges. 

Google envisions a world where advertisers can use these 6-second Bumper ads like “little haikus of video ads,” or by cutting up longer ads into short parts that equal a whole as users watch video after video.

I know that advertising talk isn’t exactly interesting to most of us, since we would rather do without ads, but I’m just curious if a 6-second spot before a video is something that would offend or annoy you less. Would you be more inclined to sit through 6 seconds of advertising if that’s all it took to get you to your intended content?

Bumpers will arrive in May.

Via:  Inside AdWords



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