Chrooma Keyboard Now Free of Google Play, Updated With Loads of New Features

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Chrooma Keyboard, our absolute favorite 3rd-party keyboard app on Google Play, is now free for all people of the world. First launched with a price of $1.49, the developers have switched to a free model, providing a wider audience a chance to try out the keyboard’s unique features.

For those who already purchased the app, don’t freak out, the developers have built in a way for your to restore your purchase and log into the app, meaning you aren’t losing out on any features or updates. To do this, update the app, go through the entirety of the setup process to make sure you are logged in properly, then slide out the hamburger menu and hit “Restore Purchases.” All features will then be made available to you. If you happened to purchase this app in the past 24 hours for its full price, your upgrade will be carried over automatically, so don’t start thinking you somehow got ripped off. 

As for what’s new, beyond the free pricing(!), the settings for the app have been completely reworked, multi-language support is added in, new color styles are available for your viewing pleasure, and a new prediction algorithm will offer a better predicting experience.

Additionally, for those looking to help beta test this app, you can join this Google+ community, then download the beta via Google Play. Betas are awesome.

Check out the changelog, then go download it.

What’s New

  • App is now free
  • Brand new settings app
  • Multilanguage
  • New color styles
  • New prediction algorithm
  • Preference synchronization

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