YouTube Launches Spatial Audio for On-Demand Videos, 360-Degree Live Streaming

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Announced this week, YouTube is bringing support for 360-degree live streams, as well as spatial audio for on-demand videos. With support for 360-degree live streams, viewers will be able to wear their VR headsets and watch events in real-time, whether it be flagship unveilings, concerts, or the theater. To celebrate this, YouTube has been streaming videos from Coachella, viewable on YouTube with a Cardboard viewer or any other VR headset you have. 

Not only will live streams in a full 360 degrees be viewable, but spatial audio brings a more immersive experience for everyone. Spatial audio is essentially how we hear the world around us in everyday situations. When you hear a sound, you can usually tell which direction it came from and how far away it is. With support for spatial audio in VR on YouTube, creators can deliver a better environment for creating experiences. YouTube has created a playlist to highlight spatial audio support.

Naturally, to best experience spatial audio, a user may want to be wearing a good set of headphones to absorb all of the sounds as they were meant to be heard.

If you have your VR headset ready to rock, all of these changes are now live on YouTube.

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