Yo, Sneakerheads, StockX App Now Available on Google Play

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For all you sneakerheads, the official StockX app is now available on Google Play, bringing an end to the short-lived iOS exclusivity period. If you love buying sneakers, collecting sneakers, or just admire the sneaker culture, then you should already be aware of what StockX is. If you are not, allow me to give a brief backstory.

Before StockX was launched, many of those who bought and sold sneakers would head to Campless, a website that provided analytical data to help determine the actual market value of any sneaker. This real-time data was collected by researching and pulling in sales data from eBay. Campless has since evolved into StockX, which is essentially a stock market for shoes and shoes alone. With it, sneakerheads can track the value of their entire collection, watch the up and down trends of select brands, a particular set of kicks, and much more. 

Now, with the Android app available on Google Play, you can do all of this sneaker market tracking while on the go. For example, if you are meeting up with a buddy who is selling the latest pair of Jordan kicks, you can offer him a fair market value, instead of paying the original deadstock price or whatever crazy markup amount he is asking for. “No, hypebeast, I’m not paying $800 for OVOs, are you insane?”

Going beyond just tracking shoe prices, owners of deadstock (unworn, completely brand new) shoes can list their shoes for sale. To do this, you set an “Ask,” which is the price you would like to receive. If a buyer’s Bid matches the Ask, the shoes are sold and shipped. To get further details on buying and selling through StockX, I suggest you download the app or view the website.

The app is completely free to use, and seriously, if you have a collection of shoes, it’s a fantastic app that tells you exactly how much money you have wasted on articles of clothing that go on your feet and touch the dirty ground.

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