Share Dropbox Files Directly Inside of Facebook Messenger

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Starting this week, users of Facebook Messenger and Dropbox can begin to share files stored on Dropbox directly within the Messenger app, no longer needing users to share files from inside of the Dropbox app. From Dropbox, a user can share videos, pictures, and even GIF images.

To access this function, while inside of a Messenger thread on your mobile device, hit the More button. Once pressed, you will see a Dropbox setting which will then allow for the syncing of data between the services. From here, simply select which file you want shared. 

If you are attempting to share a data file, such a Word document, the recipient can open the file inside of the Dropbox app. All other files, like multimedia, can be viewed normally inside of Messenger, which is a very nice touch.

To get started, you will need Messenger and the updated Dropbox app, available today on Google Play. Follow the links below to make sure you are all updated.

Play Links: Dropbox | Messenger

Via: Dropbox | Facebook



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