Report: Facebook Messenger to Offer “Secret Conversations,” In-Store Purchase Feature

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According to code buried within the Messenger app from Facebook, new features may soon be available that will lead to a more secure chatting experience for users. As detailed by The Information, secret conversations, which is likely a reference to encrypted messaging, would allow users to chat a bit more privately, a feature that is currently available to users of WhatsApp.

Beyond encrypted messaging, a feature for in-person shoppers is also being hinted. Apparently, with a future update to Messenger, you would be able to make purchases for items at select stores, then pick up the item in person. For example, you could purchase a large quantity of paper towels through Messenger from Target, then go pick them up while you are running errands later in the day. This is only an example, as how the service actually works is still unconfirmed.

Additionally, if you are already in a supported retailer, you could pay for your items straight from the Messenger app, no cash needed. This will only be possible if your payment information is already stored on Messenger, which exists already for sending friends money.

Facebook declined to comment on any of The Information’s findings, but if the code is readily viewable by those willing to dig, it would seem that we must be getting close to a launch.

Would you use Messenger to pay for goods at a retailer, instead of your wallet?

Via: The Information [Subscription]



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