Google Introduces Fiber Phone, Faxing and Dot Matrix Printing Likely Next

google fiber phone

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Today, because it is “still important to many families,” Google introduced Fiber Phone, a home phone add-on to its Fiber internet service. Fiber Phone is a new way to help you stay connected, because it’s a lot like having Google Voice for your home. 

With Fiber Phone, you are looking at a $10 per month charge for unlimited local and nationwide calling, along with Google Voice rates for international calls. Google says that if you sign-up, you get to keep your old phone number (can pick a new one too) and can use call waiting, caller ID, and 911 services like before. Fiber Phone will also transcribe your voice messages through text or email.

As for the Google Voice comparison, Fiber Phone gives you access to your calls from almost anywhere in the world. As Google notes, your Fiber Phone lives in the cloud, so you can have calls to it ring through to not only your home phone, but to your phones or tablets as well. As a Google Voice user, I can’t even try to explain how important of a feature this is.

Google says that Fiber Phone is available in a “few areas” now, but will arrive to new areas before long, You can sign-up here.

Oh, and that thing about faxing and printing was a joke…

UPDATE:  We have a poll up now! Do you have home phone service?

Via:  Google Fiber Blog



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