Look at This Silly Ass LG G5 Commercial


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This bad LG G5 commercial is bad.

Why is this guy on the subway or bus with his battery out? Is that a new thing we are all going to start doing, just popping out batteries to make clicking noises that no one else can make? God no! Who wants to ever pull their battery out just because? That shit is no fun at all. Ever. It takes at least 2-3 minutes to boot up any Android phone to fully working status. You gotta let Android fully load everything in the background, which probably means optimizing 188 apps for 10 minutes at the boot screen, then LG’s garbage skin and your data connection, before finding the app you want in an app-drawer-less iOS-like, completely inefficient jukebox layout, which will then let that stream of House of Cards continue. It sure as hell isn’t instant, as this video suggests. Hot swap…gtfo, LG. 

But forget all of that for a second. What are we trying to say here, exactly? That when it’s dark and you are on your way home, your battery will 100% be dead and you will need to swap it out for a fresh one? That’s a terrible marketing message! “Guys, buy our new phone because its battery life is pretty terrible! But that’s OK, because you can do this!” CLICK! No, just no.

And wtf is going on with the goat video? Or are those cows? Is that B-roll from LG questionably sourcing G4 case backs? Dude, you are creeping out all passengers. When the animals come on the screen, your grin should not be growing. That faux sheep-fur jean jacket to your left has never felt so empowered. Put some headphones on.

Look at this guy…


creepy lg

This commercial is bad.

(EDIT: Apologies for the bad sarcasm in all of this, which according to the comments, didn’t come through to all.)



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