Label Your Places in Google Maps With Cute Little Icons

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Thanks to an update for Google Maps, users can begin to customize their places with little icons, such as log cabins for your home, or a towering skyscraper for your work. Once a place has been customized, you will see these icons appear on your map whenever you open the Google Maps application. 

To get started on this process, you will need to have the latest version of Google Maps from Google Play. Once you have the update, open up the app, slide out the side menu on the left, click on Your Places, and get to choosing your icons.

Currently, there are many icons to choose from, but your Home and Work are not the only places you can customize. Users can set the Gym as a place, your kid’s school, or any other important place that you find yourself visiting often. By doing this, you allow Google to help you get to places quicker, with updated traffic info viewable directly in Google Now.

This change is rolling out to Google Play now, so be on the lookout for the update.

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