Sign-Up for Project Fi, Get a Nexus 5X for $199

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For a limited time, those who activate a line on Project Fi will receive $150 off the retail price of a Nexus 5X, bringing the total for a 16GB model down to just $199, and 32GB to $249. Project Fi will allow you to pay for the device however you see fit, whether that’s via monthly payments or outright. 

For those who want to purchase the device from Google Store outright, then take it to Project Fi, the difference will automatically carry over to the payment method used when you purchased the phone. As long as you use the same Google account for Project Fi that you used when purchasing the device, no action on your part will need to be taken to receive the automatic refund.

If you do take advantage of this promotion, be sure that you activate the device on Project Fi within 30 days, or Google will take out the $150 to the match the retail price of the phone.

This deal is valid until April 7, so if a new Nexus on Google’s MVNO sounds delightful to you, follow the link below.


Via: Project Fi



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