Blackberry Priv Camera, Keyboard, and Launcher Apps Receive Updates

blackberry priv camera

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Blackberry, today, is pushing a bunch of updates to key apps on its Android phone, the Priv. Updates include improvements to the phone’s camera, keyboard, and launcher apps, most of which were likely based on user feedback.

In the camera, Blackberry is adding in “smooth” 120fps slow motion video capture, while addressing stability and performance improvements. With the keyboard, predictive typing is learning new tricks and the physical keyboard’s fine cursor control is improved. Finally, the app launcher has a new default view for apps, there is a new “flick” action for removing application shortcuts, and overlays throughout are improved.

Below, you’ll find details for each app, in Blackberry’s own words. 


  • Users can capture smooth slow motion video with PRIV’s camera that’s up to four times slower. The Slow Motion function can be accessed through the camera’s “Mode” button, and captures video at 120 fps which plays back smoothly at 30 fps. Audio is not enabled for slow-motion video at this time.
  • General stability and performance improvements.


  • PRIV’s prediction engine now processes a user’s email and social messages to better understand the user’s typing style and provide a better out-of-box experience.
  • Predictive typing can now learn words with numbers.
  • Option to have the keyboard suggest names from a user’s contacts during email creation.
  • Fine Cursor Control mode on the physical keyboard now features an enhanced cursor locator along with on-screen arrows for easier positioning and control.
  • Holding down ‘delete’ for two seconds now deletes on a word-by-word basis, making it easier to stop on single words.
  • Tapping a key on the physical keyboard more accurately places the focus cursor on screen.

App Launcher

  • Default view for apps now separated into Recent, Personal, and Work.
  • While in overview mode, the “home” panel can be set to any available panel, and panels can be deleted by pressing down on them for several seconds.
  • Can now flick to remove application shortcuts from the home screen.
  • Pop-up widgets now enabled by default.
  • Improved overlays to provide users with more information on app locations, launcher settings, pop-up widgets, and the productivity tab.
  • Apps installed on the SD card will be grayed out if the card is removed to let the user know it’s still around but inaccessible.

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