Link Bubble Officially Rebranded to Brave, Includes Ad Blocking and Tracker Protection

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Launched simultaneously across multiple platforms, the Brave browser application is now available for download on Android. As users of Link Bubble will notice, their app has been rebranded to Brave, since¬†Link Bubble was sold off back in August, 2015. The buyers were not publicly named, but it was known that it was a startup in stealth mode. Now that everything is official and released, let’s go over what Brave offers.¬†

The app is a browser that loads webpages in the background. For example, if you are browsing Twitter and click a link, the webpage will load inside of a popup bubble that appears. Once loading is complete, you can tap on the bubble and it will expand, showing the complete webpage. In addition to being a basic bubble browser, Brave blocks ads that are seen as intrusive or track a viewer’s history, which can be good for those who are cautious about their Internet browsing. When first announced, it was stated that these ads would be replaced with “clean” ads, the profits of which would still go to the site owners. At this time, after a bit of looking around, it appears the app is only blocking ads, not replacing them.

Inside of the settings for Brave, users can choose between different themes for the app, specify domain redirects (a certain site always opens in Chrome or whatever browser you want), a color toolbar, and more. The app offers many settings for the savvy, such as HTTPS Everywhere, Tracking Mode Protection, Reading Mode, and Reading Mode and Wear.

The app is free to download from Google Play.

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