Samsung Details New Galaxy Edge Functionality That Comes With Marshmallow

galaxy s6 edge display features

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Samsung says to expect Android 6.0 Marshmallow to start rolling out to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in select areas on February 15. While they didn’t provide much in the way of details for each update (new features, which models, etc.), they did announce a bunch of enhancements for the the S6 Edge and its Edge display. 

After the update users will be able to swipe out a wider, 550px panel for viewing more Edge content. That’s essentially doubling the panel’s width, allowing you to take in bigger score updates for sports, stock updates, and news stories. Samsung is also adding up to 9 panels in the apps and contacts Edge displays (from just 2), doubling the apps panel from 5 to 10 apps, and is including a task panel (for creating calendar events, sending emails, adding alarms, etc.).

EdgeUpdate_Main_1.5 EdgeUpdate_Main_5.2

Samsung added in a new tools panel with ruler, compass, and flashlight, plus they are letting you customize the Edge handle, which is the tab on the edge of the display that swiped to give you access to Edge content. The new handle can be resized, moved, and turned transparent.

EdgeUpdate_Main_3.3 EdgeUpdate_Main_4.3

Again, all of these new features will be a part of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. We are expecting them to be a part of the Galaxy S7 Edge’s list of features as well.

Via:  Samsung



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