Flyperlink Brings Floating Web Browsing to Your Android Device

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Flyperlink, an app available for download on Google Play, brings Chat Head-like web browsing straight to your phone. When skimming through links on your device, whether it be on Twitter or through Google Now, Flyperlink can pop up these webpages in individual bubbles, viewable and moveable for your convenience.

After initial setup, Flyperlink runs in the background until you click on a web link. At that point, you will decide which app you want to open a link with – Chrome, Flyperlink, or any other browser you may have installed. If Flyperlink is selected, you can then choose to open the link with Flyperlink just once, or always. When Flyperlink chosen, a bubble will appear that you can expand and minimize, and the bubble can be moved to wherever you would like, in case it is getting in your way. When you are done with a website, simply drag the bubble to the trash icon at the bottom of your screen.

Bubbles can also be customized, with size, position, toolbar position, and JavaScript browsing available for changing. However, many of the tweaks you can perform are limited to the Plus version, available as an in-purchase for just $0.99.

If you want to get down on a bit of bubble browsing, follow the link below.

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