ParcelTrack is My New Favorite Package Tracker on Android

parceltrack android

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For a solid year, I was attached to AfterShip for all of my package tracking needs. Recently, after reaching out to its development team and hearing the developer tell me they had no plans to add account syncing between multiple devices, I gave up on it and went looking for a better option. You see, I change devices all of the time, often within a day. I can’t have a single phone doing all of my package tracking – I need syncing.

Earlier this week, I ran through a handful of options and even paid for many of their pro versions to get the full experience. Only one seems to be worth paying for and that app is ParcelTrack. This app, at least in my first few days with it, is awesome. 

For one, ParcelTrack is feature packed with options like quick swipe gestures on entries for archiving or deleting, pull-to-refresh, auto carrier detection and auto detection when your clipboard has a copied tracking number, a delivery forecast, barcode scanning, a widget, and support with many of the major shipping carriers, including all of the big dogs in the US.

What makes this my app of choice is its other features, like synchronization between multiple devices, push notifications that aren’t incredibly late, a dedicated email address that you can forward tracking emails to, and a super slick and clean UI.

ParcelTrack does feature a premium set of features, many of which I just named. In order to unlock them all, it’ll cost you $1.99, but only on a single device. Their Google Play listing will tell you which ones are a part of that package. If you don’t need them, you can use it completely free.

Package tracking freaks, you need to check this one out if you haven’t already.

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parceltrack android



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