Question of the Day: Do You Use a Case on Your Phone? What Kind?

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Smartphones can be quite the investment, so of course, folks want to protect them. There are hundreds of different cases for your smartphone on the market, so how is one supposed to choose the right option? Should they choose one that doesn’t make the device too bulky? Is added bulk okay as long as it protects your device from all of the elements of life? 

We at DL, as we have probably said many times before, do not use cases on our phones. We want to enjoy the look and feel of our phones, which is usually hidden by any case we would choose. Options such as a Toast cover can take your metal and glass phone and turn it into something you would find on the forest moon of Endor. Others, like TPU cases, can be bulky and simply feel cheap at times. Of course, there are also premium thin cases (like the ones from Spigen), heavy duty protective options, and skins that you can apply directly to your phone for low level protection.

With all of that being said, the question of the day is, do you use a case on your smartphone? And if so, which case are you using and why? Is protecting your device more important that admiring its looks on a daily basis? Or maybe you just like the way a particular case looks?

Share your take on cases below.



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