These USB Type-C Adapters are Benson Leung Approved

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If you own one of the new Nexus devices, the Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, you are probably slowly settling into the idea of USB Type-C. Many of you may have picked up an additional charger or cable here or there through a variety of deals featured on this site, but if you have yet to because you still own a whole bunch of microUSB chargers from old phones that are still in working order, maybe it’s time to put those back to work. Maybe it’s time to pick-up some USB Type-C adapters.

Thanks to Googler Benson Leung, who has been fighting the spec compliant USB Type-C fight for us all, we have a pretty healthy list of adapters that are the safe to use with your older microUSB chargers. It’s probably safe to say that these are the best USB Type-C adapters around. 

What is a USB Type-C adapter? It’s a little nub or tip that attaches to a microUSB cable to, for the most part, turn it into a USB Type-C cable. The idea here is to buy an adapter that can be placed over the top of the microUSB tip of your old cables to turn them into working USB Type-C chargers for your new Nexus phones or future phones that will likely support USB Type-C. With a simple adapter attached, you no longer have to buy a full-blown Type-C charger.

If you haven’t been following Benson’s growing list of USB Type-C reviews on Amazon, then hopefully the list below will help you out.

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