Facebook Announces Sports Stadium, a Dedicated Sports Experience Not Yet Available for Android

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This morning, Facebook announced that it is launching Sports Stadium, an experience catered entirely to fans of sports all across the globe. Available starting today for iOS users in the US who want to watch real-time updates of the American football games taking place over the weekend, Facebook states that they will soon rollout compatibility for additional platforms and for other sports, such as soccer and basketball. 

So, what exactly is Sports Stadium? It is a place on Facebook that is dedicated entirely to sports that can be enjoyed alongside your friends. You can get real-time updates on games, play-by-play stats, comments from friends on specific plays, commentary from experts, and much more. Think of each game as an event you are invited to. Instead of all of that information being posted to your timeline, you would instead find it all in a dedicated section, allowing you and the buddies to curse the refs and argue what a “catch” in the NFL actually means on a week-by-week basis.

For now, the service only supports American football, but as mentioned, more sports will come soon. For us Android folk, we will have to wait until Facebook is ready to grace us with Sports Stadium.

If you do use iOS, you can search for games using the search tab inside of the Facebook app, and as the platform grows, additional ways to find the games you want will be made available.


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