Deal: Grab a CHOE USB Type-C Charger, Type-C Cables at Discounted Prices With These Coupon Codes

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For a limited time on Amazon, you can purchase a CHOE charger and cables at a discounted price, thanks to the use of coupon codes. The chargers and cables are USB Type-C, perfect for those who own a Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, or for those who want to stockpile for the inevitable release of additional phones with Type-C ports.  

As for options, there are a ton. You can receive a discount on the charging adapter itself, individual cables, or you purchase a bundle that includes the adapter and cable. In the cable department, you can choose the length you would like, ranging from 6.6ft to 9.9ft. The bundle includes a 3.3ft cable.

To take advantage of these prices, all you need are the following coupon codes.

  • USB Type-C Adapter – $12.99 with code ZCU2CZDC
  • USB Type C Bundle – $11.99 with code SLK7DSFC
  • A-C cable (6.6ft) – $6.99 with code L3JGFC9V
  • C-C cable (6.6ft) – $6.99 with code B3JCFC9D
  • A-C cable (9.9ft) – $7.99 with code WTZ35GDZ
  • C-C cable (9.9ft) – $7.99 with code A8EPELJF

Amazon Links: USB Type-C Charger ($12.99) | Type-C Cables ($6.99-$7.99) | Bundle ($11.99)



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