Latest Humble Mobile Bundle Features Titles From Bandai Namco

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Humble Bundle, the easiest way to get a group of games for the lowest price, while also helping out a charity, has a new list of games up for grabs. Supporting the Save the Children charity, Humble Bundle is offering a gang of Bandai Namco games, all for the price of what you want to give. 

At this time, the price you need to pay to unlock all of the games is just $4.80, netting you a total of 6 games, plus more to come. The games included are Crush the Castle, Pac-Man Kart Rally, Flight Control, Pac-Man Championship Edition, Puzzle Quest 2, Ridge Racer Slipstream. If you pay an even $5, you also unlock Pac-Man CE DX. If you pay under the average, you will receive the first three games previously mentioned.

At checkout, you can decide the portioning of the funds, allowing you to choose where your money will go – to developers, the charity, or a Humble tip.

Follow the link below to get in on the Pac-Man gaming.

Humble Bundle Link



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