Be a Jedi in Google’s Latest Chrome Experiment, Lightsaber Escape

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In the latest Built for Chrome experiment, appropriately titled Lightsaber Escape, you can be a Jedi warrior, attempting to escape an Imperial battleship while fighting Stormtroopers. For gameplay, your phone acts as a lightsaber controller, with syncing taking place between the Chrome app on your phone, and the Chrome browser on your desktop computer. 

Once calibrated, you are taught the basics of defending yourself from blasters, as well as deflecting shots back towards your enemies. After you pass a few waves of Stormtroopers, you come across a “boss” Stormtrooper. I have yet to beat him as the controls tend to get a little out of sync by the time I reach that part. However, you can pause and take a moment to recalibrate your device, which should help.

To get started, click the link below and have a bit of fun.

Ready to battle?

Play Here



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