Google’s Interactive In-App Ads Look to Increase App Downloads for Publishers

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Beginning soon, users of apps that feature advertisements will likely come across two new ad formats aimed at increasing the chances of you downloading an advertised app. With Trial Run Ads, you can preview gameplay yourself for up to 60 seconds, and if you enjoyed your gaming experience, you can opt to install the app straight from Google Play. Essentially, you can test drive a game via the ad for a limited amount of time, with no installation required. In terms of ads, this is very fancy, and could lead to more installs for publishers.

Google is also launching Interactive Interstitial Ads, basically a blank canvas for advertisers to design their own layouts and content within an ad. For example, a developer/publisher could cut and paste an essential experience from an app into the ad, showing users how useful or good it is, without needing the viewer to install anything on their device. It’s all done via the ad.

Both of these ad experiences are currently in beta form for select marketers to try out.

If you build apps or you handle the marketing for an app maker, be sure to check out Google’s complete post on the subject by following the via below.

Trial Run Ad gif for SGN

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