T-Mobile is Giving Sprint Customers Who Switch an Extra $200 Just Because

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T-Mobile continued its holiday giving ways this morning by announcing to Sprint customers that they will receive an extra $200 per line should they make the switch to magenta. The deal kicks off tomorrow, November 26, and doesn’t seem to be limited in the number of lines you can bring over nor do there seem to be any hidden tricks. If you switch from Sprint to T-Mobile, they will credit your account with $200 per line. 

Here is the exact copy from T-Mobile’s press release:

For customers fed up with Sprint’s slow speeds and limited coverage, getting your $200 gift couldn’t possibly be simpler. Just switch any Sprint number – including postpaid, prepaid, Boost and Virgin Mobile – over to a T-Mobile Simple Choice postpaid plan starting this Thursday, November 26 and you’ll automatically get a $200 credit on your bill. That’s $200 multiplied by as many lines as you switch. For a family of four, that could mean $800 extra, and for a business with 10 employees, we’re talking about a $2,000 credit!

If Sprint and its monthly promotions for half off this or that, or this or that confusing lease, haven’t been serving you well, here is another option.

Additional details of the deal can be seen at the link below.

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